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Image by K. Mitch Hodge
Three Medieval Songs

for Two-Part, Piano, opt. Violin

I. Sumer is icumen in (Anonymous)

II. Quantas sabedes amar amigo (Martin Codax)

III. C'est la fin (Guillaume d'Ariens)

These three arrangements combine the fun and exciting source material with fresh harmonies, and a pedagogical approach that makes this set perfect for a youth choir. Each movement is in a different Medieval language and a different century, representing some of the oldest surviving music. The first movement, Sumer is icumen in, was written for and premiered with the University of Redlands Youth Choir Summer Camp in 2022. The modal mixture in the violin and piano provide harmonic interest, while the voices add an additional texture.

Premiere: August 5, 2022—University of Redlands Youth Choir Summer Camp—Redlands, CA

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I. Sumer is icumen inUniversity of Redlands Youth Choir Summer Camp, Timothy Cunningham
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