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Brontë Poems for Choir

For Three Equal Voices. (2021, 2022)

A collection of settings of my favorite Emily Brontë poems.


Ayios o Theos

For Four Equal Voices. (2021)

A setting of the Trisagion with a triumphant and chat-like character.

12 and Change

For SATB and Piano. (2021)

Written for Krista Newkirk upon her appointment as the 12th president of the University of Redlands

En Paradiso

For SATB (div.). (2021)

Written in memory of Georgia Anasis with text from the Greek Orthodox memorial.

From a Distance

For SATB Virtual Choir and Electronics. (2020)

Commissioned by Dr. Nicholle Andrews for the University of Redlands Chapel Singers

Agni Parthene

For Double Choir and Percussion. (2020)

An arrangement of the beloved hymn by Nectarios of Aegina.

To Tsampasin

For SATB (div.).  (2019)

Winner of the 2019 Phoenix Chamber Choir Student Choral Composition Competition.

Prayer in Times of Illness

For SATB. (2020)

Written in memory of those lost to COVID-19.

Hymns of the Nativity

For Choir and Orchestra. (2019)

Composed with Jamison Stevens for the 72nd annual Feast of Lights at the University of Redlands.

Pater Imon

For SATB.  (2017)

A reflective setting of the original Greek text of the Lord's Prayer

Is ton afro tis thalassas

For Medium-High Voice and Piano. (2022)

Gentle, yet-emotionally charged, with text from a Greek folk song.


Artios m' a chrisopedillos, Avos

For Medium Voice and Piano. (2022)

An upbeat setting of three Sappho poems.


For Mezzo-Soprano, Euphonium, Piano, and Tape. (2021)

Written for Dora Ridgeway, Olivia Vara, and Hanako Duffie.

Two Short Brontë Poems

For Medium-High Voice and Piano. (2021)

S'agapo poli, poli

For Medium-High Voice and Piano. (2019)

A lyrical and simple love song.


For Soprano, Viola, and Cello. (2018)

Written in memory of Constantine "Gus" Anasis with text from the Greek Orthodox memorial.


Empros ke Piso

For Trumpet, Clarinet, Violin, and Copper Pipes. (2021)

A dynamic work, exploring different timbres and textures of this unique ensemble.


For Solo Marimba. (2020)

As the title, "Sparks," implies, this is a fiery piece with fun modal mixture and challenging passages.


For Euphonium and Piano. (2020)

Written for Olivia Vara and Hanako Duffie.

Ichi apo to Kampanario

For Piano and Mallets. (2019)

"From the Bell-tower" takes inspiration from Arvo Pärt's style, tintinnabuli.


For Euphonium and Live Electronics. (2019)

Written for Olivia Vara.


For Solo Oboe. (2018)

A sweet, lyrical evolution of a simple motif.